Music is to your soul what Feelings are to your heart.

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Piano Lessons

Philosophy of Music Education

I offer a student centered, goal based curriculum that is primarily concerned with developing musical literacy within each student. My goal is that my students feel confident interpreting, creating and performing. A musician has many skills which they draw upon; often simultaneously. These include a strong sense of rhythm, ability to read music off of a page, playing by ear, a sense of comfort with their instrument and an understanding of musical structure & style.

To achieve this, we look at a wide variety of pieces as well as explore improvisation, arranging and composition at the piano. Students are encouraged to perform at events throughout the year to celebrate what they have accomplished as well as build confidence and performance skills. I offer preparation for RCM practical and theory exams, music festivals and competitions as well as opportunities for community involvement. High school students can earn credits through their participation in exams and volunteer opportunities.

I understand the value of a student's ability to express themselves through music.

I currently offer private lessons to students of all ages and levels.

Starter Package

​Starter package for pre school aged beginners- $175 includes 5 private 30 minute lessons and materials

lessons are taught either mornings or early afternoons. 

Rates as of September 2019

* 30 minute lesson - $35

recommended for very young children/beginners

* 45 minute lesson - $50

recommended for children and teens beginner to Level 4 RCM

​* 60 minute lesson - $65

recommended for adult students and children and teens Level 5 RCM and above

​* ​​​​At the advanced level (Level 9 RCM and above), two hour lessons per week are recommended in order to cover the theory and performance requirements.

Piano Pairs

Young children at the same level can learn together! 

Lessons are taught to both children at the same time. 

Each child is given the opportunity to learn both at the piano and through fun activites we do as a small group.

* 30 minute lesson -

$20 per child​


Monthly payment is due on the first lesson of every month. If possible post dated cheques are recommended. 

* cheque

* cash

* e-transfer

Our Calendar

What my students are saying

 In addition to being an acclaimed concert pianist in her own right, Stephanie is also a very patient and compassionate teacher. She has taught our three children piano for the past 5 years, with all three having different strengths and interests. She was able to work with each one to foster their desire to play and coax the best out of them. Whether it being preparing for the Royal Conservatory exams or mastering Disney classics, Stephanie has helped them to shine on the piano.

Chelsea and Giovanni Martorella

Stephanie has been our teacher for almost two years and we have seen the remarkable interest in piano develop in my daughters. They have gained such confidence that they actually look forward to tackling exams. Stephanie has the good understanding of children to encourage, teach and guide with great skill and patience. Without hesitation, we would recommend Stephanie as a piano teacher for all ages!

Cassandra Chang